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G&G is a management consulting firm with a difference

Our mission is exactly the same with our confreres: we strive to give the best counsel to our clients to enable them attain their goals by making the right decisions. Our difference lies elsewhere:

Firstly, the “client” becomes a “business partner” the moment we sign a contract and once it is over they become “lifetime friends”.

Secondly, in G&G we are passionate about taking on challenges when information is sketchy and insights are scarce and it is for this reason we have long ago eliminated the word “impossible” from our vocabulary.

Thirdly, we learn to speak to our “business partners” on the same wavelength and adopt their perspectives based on available facts as well as intangibles.

We believe innovative solutions could emerge only when all options and opinions are duly considered without any fear of criticism.

For us consulting is a permanent learning, hence our motto “qui docet discit” he who teaches learns.

We like to provide a sound professional advice to our clients in order to ensure no assignment ever falls short of its original target.

We do not offer “easy solutions” or “off-the shelf proposals” instead we rely on qualitative value analysis. This is why we work as a “community of listeners” attentive to detail to pinpoint the ever so small nuisance that might cause incommensurate problems.