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G&G is a management consulting firm with a difference

Our mission is exactly the same with our confreres: we strive to give the best counsel to our clients to enable them attain their goals by making the right decisions. Our difference lies elsewhere:

Firstly, the “client” becomes a “business partner” the moment we sign a contract and once it is over they become “lifetime friends”.

Secondly, in G&G we are passionate about taking on challenges when information is sketchy and insights are scarce and it is for this reason we have long ago eliminated the word “impossible” from our vocabulary.

Thirdly, we learn to speak to our “business partners” on the same wavelength and adopt their perspectives based on available facts as well as intangibles.

We believe innovative solutions could emerge only when all options and opinions are duly considered without any fear of criticism.

For us consulting is a permanent learning, hence our motto “qui docet discit” he who teaches learns.

We like to provide a sound professional advice to our clients in order to ensure no assignment ever falls short of its original target.

We do not offer “easy solutions” or “off-the shelf proposals” instead we rely on qualitative value analysis. This is why we work as a “community of listeners” attentive to detail to pinpoint the ever so small nuisance that might cause incommensurate problems.

Our Selected References

Funding Agency: ASKİ General Directorate of Ankara Water and Sewage Administration

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Contracting Authority: Su-Yapı – Temelsu Consortium

Beneficiary: ASKİ General Directorate of Ankara Water and Sewage Administration

Purpose: This project is planning the current and future water needs of the population of Ankara province; In order to ensure the sustainable development of Ankara, it is aimed to improve and develop the existing drinking water, wastewater, storm water and flood protection and prevention systems, and to update the existing plans and reports till 2054.

Turkey, European Union harmonization process, water legislation, environmental legislation, environmental assessment, ASKİ's corporate structure, ASKİ legislation, business model, subscriber services, asset management system, human resources, research infrastructures, training, organization structure will be evaluated and improved systems and structures will be developed and proposed to enable ASKİ to shift integrated water management and empowered during the implementation of 2024 – 2054 Master Plan for potable water, wastewater, stormwater management. Among other studies, development of asset management system, proposing alternatives for establishing research infrastructure, benchmarking system, and integrated information management system are the highlights of the study for supporting the implementation of Master Plan investments.

Funding Agency: European Union and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Technology and Industry

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Contracting Authority: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Technology and Industry

Beneficiary: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Technology and Industry

Purpose: This project is designed to provide focused technical support to Operational Structure (OS) departments with a twofold purpose. On the one side, on-the-job and advisory support was provided to ensure the sound closure of Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme (RCOP) 2007-13, in compliance with the IPA Regulation for the 2007-13 programming period and the related Financing Agreement. In this framework, Component 1 is designed to respond to the needs of Monitoring and Evaluation Department, Financial Management Department and Quality Assurance and Control Department by assisting them in carrying out their duties as concerns winding-up of individual operations - i.e. investment projects and financial instruments financed under RCOP 2007-13.

Funding Agency: Izmir Development Agency

Location: Izmir, Turkey

Contracting Authority: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Beneficiary: Directorate of Job Factory

Purpose: To enhance Izmir’s competitiveness and economic development in key sectors and bring innovation to vocational education through FabLab.

Funding Agency: UNDP

Location: Shamakhi, Ismayilli, Azerbaijan

Contracting Authority: UNDP Azerbaijan

Beneficiary: UNDP Azerbaijan

Purpose: To assess current opportunities and challenges in management of user associations (pasture and forest) and to prepare strategic and management plans for theirs proper functioning.

Funding Agency: World Bank

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Contracting Authority: Ministry of Transport

Beneficiary: Azerbaijan Railways

Purpose: To support Azerbaijan Railway's implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning system including IFRS accounting and its establishment of a computerized financial management and accounting system. This includes corporate asset management system.

Funding Agency: World Bank

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Contracting Authority: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

Beneficiary: General Directorate of Renewable Energy

Purpose: To raise the awareness of efficient use of energy and to encourage SMEs to shift their existing devices and equipment to energy smart designs.

Funding Agency: EU

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Contracting Authority: CFCU

Beneficiary: The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)

Purpose: To strengthen the capacity of Turkey in Science, Technology and Innovation and facilitating the integration of Turkish Research Area to European Research Area. The main project purposes are to create awareness on Horizon 2020 through some trainings, seminars and networking, to support Turkish researchers for networking events, project preparation meetings and lobbying activities, to prepare and print the necessary documents that will guide the Turkish Researchers and to develop online tools to disseminate the necessary relevant information.

Funding Agency: EU

Location: Kayseri, Yozgat, Turkey

Contracting Authority: Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology

Beneficiary: Erciyes Technopark

Purpose: To provide technical assistance in support of research and developing technologies, innovation and relevant strategies in Kayseri and Yozgat provinces.

Funding Agency: World Bank

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Contracting Authority: Ministry of Health

Beneficiary: Health Sector Reform Project

Purpose: To strengthen the disease surveillance system and produce more accurate and reliable diagnoses on communicable diseases by developing National Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for fifteen priority infectious diseases.

Funding Agency: EU

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Contracting Authority: CFCU

Beneficiary: Social Security Institution (SGK)

Purpose: To strengthen the institutional and administrative capacity of Social Security Institution to develop aligned policies in the field of coordination of social security schemes and social security policy.

Funding Agency: EU

Location: Sanliurfa, Turkey

Contracting Authority: CFCU

Beneficiary: GAP Regional Directorate

Purpose: To contribute to the alleviation of social and economic damage caused by the flooding.

Funding Agency: World Bank

Location: Ankara, Turkey (survey implemented in 41 provinces)

Contracting Authority: Ministry of Health

Beneficiary: Turkey Health Institution

Purpose: To estimate the levels of job satisfaction, motivation and institutional commitment of the health personnel of the Turkish Ministry of Health (MoH) and the university hospitals.

Funding Agency: World Bank

Location: Azerbaijan (6 regions)

Contracting Authority: Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources

Purpose: To stimulate economic diversification in the project areas by encouraging, facilitating and assisting local entrepreneurs to start or expand environmentally sustainable small and medium commercial enterprises through preparing high quality grant proposals and to proactively promote proposals for rural enterprises development in 6 Rayons covering 55 villages.

To promote sustainable social and economic development of the settlements along the BTC pipeline route to offset economic losses suffered by the communities therein.

To provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture on supporting the institutions involved in the preparation and implementation of the Rural Development Plan.

To prevent the spread of the HIV epidemic with protection activities by establishing voluntary consulting and test centers and developing prevention programs at the prisons.

To prepare a Restructuring Plan for the Sudan Gezira Board for extension services to farmers and livestock breeders, in compliance with their needs, on cost-recovery basis.

To determine the conditions of the beneficiaries (the elderly) who have been provided with care services, their families, the applicants and their families.

To provide new economic opportunities for the local communities by sustaining and developing the nature reserves, and protecting and representing the archaeological and nature sites.

To develop the Micro Finance Window for Mountain Areas and the credit delivery mechanism as well as to provide technical assistance and support to the implementation of activities in Azerbaijan.

To collect data on financing of agricultural activities and livelihood of rural households for micro finance demand analysis in rural areas of Turkey.

To develop options for the comprehensive reform of the health financing system in pilot regions and strengthening the institutional capacity of state administrations.

To increase the availability of market based credit and deposit services for rural households, enterprises and farms.

To strengthen effectiveness and pro-poor targeting of health expenditures through conducting inventory of income and spending of the sector.

To design and develop a comprehensive financial management and monitoring system and to develop and install software for computerization of an integrated financial management system.

To improve the quality of education in Azad Jammu and Kashmir region by increasing learning achievement and improving completion rates, increasing access and equity, strengthening institutional capacity and encouraging greater community participation.